How does it work?

Do you run a home removalist business?

If so, there is so much to do and so much paper work. 

EZYMOVR is designed to ease the pain for you to manage your home mover bookings, your team members and documents all in one place.

Create customer records and book jobs, add custom notes to each job and receive time sheets and proof of delivery from your Movers on the jobs.

Enable real-time tracking to view your movers location and communicate with your movers via Push Notifications.

Movers feature include:

  • Receive notifications on the app for jobs assigned to them.

  • Accept or Decline jobs.

  • View pick up and moving to locations on the map.

  • Store time sheets for each job.

  • Enter break times with comments.

  • Get signatures from customers before starting and at the end.

  • Your team can submit proof of delivery (POD) or any paper work you need direct from the app for every job.


How can EzyMovr help your home mover business? 


You have customers and you have your movers – both need to be managed. You also need to manage job bookings, keep the customer informed and store documents.

More so, how wonderful would it be if you actually knew where ALL your movers are without asking them? Sounds good?

EzyMovr is designed to make your life easy and focus on running your home mover business rather than all that paper work and communication.

Manage your movers

Create your movers staff profile. Store important documents such as driving license, scan of their VISA or police verifications etc. for your record.

Assign moving jobs

Enter booking directly into the admin system and assign jobs to your staff.

Enter the "from" pick up address and "To" drop off or moving to destination.

Manage Bookings

Your removalist team member can accept jobs on their Mobile app.

You get to see if there is any issue with your team members who has not yet accepted their jobs.

See location on Map

Once jobs are assigned, you can see the drivers on the way and when they are at the location in real-time through the dashboard.

Track time for jobs

You have information at hand always about where your drivers or removalists are with the jobs. They have a timer running that captures the time-sheets for each job.

Digital sign & POD

Your movers upon arrival at the customers home or office can get a signature at the start and end of the job to confirm their time spent. You get customers signature on each job direct from the app sent to you in real-time.

Comes with an easy to use EZYMOVR App

Our movers solution is ideal for small and medium businesses. The EZYMOVER app is a companion for your registered movers team to use. There are no extra processes, hardware or software required to install. If you need a hand to get set up, one of our team can help you get started.


Schedule jobs and send them directly to EZYMOVR App.

Special Notes

Includes notes and instructions for movers against each job.

Customer Sign

Movers are able to submit documents related to each job carried out (i.e., Signatures etc)

Schedule Jobs

Schedule jobs and send them directly to EZYMOVR App.


Send push notification reminders to movers.

Plan your mover jobs

View the number of bedrooms, location on map and customer details.

Feature Rich Easy to use companion mobile App.

What our clients say

EZYMOVR – No more paperwork. 

Improve your moving business efficiency.

Improve customer satisfaction

We are working on some more exciting features such as accept payments from customers, issue customer invoices, communicate via chat with your removalists and live tracking for your customers like how you can track a Domino’s pizza on it’s way to your place!


Let’s save trees – No more paperwork


Frequently asked questions

Yes – once you sign up. We will get in touch with you and help set up.

This tool is aimed at small to medium home moving businesses. Try it, you can cancel anytime.

You will need to be invited by the company you are moving for to use the EzyMovr Mobile app. 

Yes – the EzyMovr mobile app is free and the Movers in your company use it for managing their jobs.

Proudly built in Sydney.


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